Welcome to Fighterz Inc MMA and Wellness Academy is a Mixed Martial Arts gym based in Ottery, Cape Town. Officially established in 2015.

We specialize in Fitness, Toning, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiujitsu and MMA as well as personal training, including self-defence and martial arts training in all levels.

Our other services are Counselling, Life Coaching,  Personal Growth, Personal Excellence courses as well as Corporate Wellness Programmes.

All our services are very professional and the goal is to develop a better human being. Majority of the members do Martial arts for self defense, confidence building and weight loss.


We have a major focus on fighter development, both Amateur and Professional levels.

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Our motto, what we do and how we do it

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Give us a call : 082 795 6170
Or email us directly on : info@fighterzinc.co.za

Find Us

Find Fighterz Inc. MMA and Wellness Academy is located in the Ottery area, in Royal Cape Park, Londonderry road.

We offer a range of classes anywhere from beginner to advance. Fighterz Inc. is a world-class facility for martial arts, wellness and personal training.