Fidaah Edries, Head Coach

Qualified Kru (Muay Thai Sensei), also the founder of Fighterz Inc. MMA and Wellness Academy. Qualified therapist and Life Coach as well. Does Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance strategies with all Fighterz Inc.’s athletes. Coaches: Advanced Kickboxing, Advanced Muay thai, Boxing, Pro MMA striking. Black belt in Kickboxing.

Achievements in coaching:

  • Developed a Western Cape Pro Kickboxing Champion
  • Developed a senior South African National Kickboxing Champion (SAKA)
  • Developed two junior Western Cape Kickboxing Champions
  • Developed a Rebel Africa Kickboxing Champion
  • Developed a Western Cape Last Fighter Standing (LFS) Champion
  • Developed the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) Bantam weight World Champion, Troublemaker Faeez Jacobs
  • Currently the striking coach of two Pro Mma fighters in the EFC and a Pro boxer

Also does:

  • Personal training
  • Counselling
  • Life coaching
  • One on one Martial arts training

Your Fitness Coach

Life & Performance Coach

Life coaching



Coach Faeez Jacobs

Fighterz Inc. MMA Coach for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Is the MMA coach for our amateur MMA competitors.

  • SAKA Kickboxing Champion 2016
  • Western Cape Pro Kickboxing Champion 2016
  • EFC Bantam Weight World Champion 2019
  • Blue belt in Jiujitsu.





Coach Ishmaeel Saidi

Teaches our beginner Kickboxing, beginner Muay thai and Kiddies Anti-bully classes. Black belt in Kickboxing.

Also does:

  • Assistance with the training of our amateur and Pro fighters
  • Personal training
  • One-on-one martial arts training